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7 Levels of Communication

Have you ever heard of a book by Michael Maher called The 7 Levels of Communication? This book is not only a best seller but a vital tool you can use to change the way you interact with your clients! You’ll leave Tuesday’s Agent Mastermind class with a fresh outlook on client retention and a shifted focus from numbers to people. No matter where you’re currently at in your business, this class will help pinpoint adjustments you can make on a daily basis to connect better with clients and increase referrals! Register here

Automating Your Database Follow-Up

The low-hanging fruit that we can find in our current database is a hidden goldmine! The question is, as always, how do we get deals and referrals from that database? Join us for the next live Agent Mastermind class where we’ll demonstrate how to market to your database in the most effective way possible by using three steps. More specifically, we’ll show you what to say, how often to say it, and what to do if you don’t already have a database! Register here

Year-Round Marketing Plan

This class was designed to alleviate the stress of trying to plan out your marketing efforts as each holiday approaches. Instead of spending countless hours trying to figure out what to send and when to send it, wouldn’t it be nice to have every holiday planned out AHEAD of time? We’ll chat about some easy to use, tried and true systems that’ll make it completely possible!

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Demystifying Facebook Advertising – How to Turn Ads into Leads

Google AdWords and Facebook advertising, if done correctly, can massively increase the volume of leads for your business. If done wrong, it can suck up your advertising budget and your time, with little to show for it! On the next Agent Mastermind class, we’ll be joined by CityBlast lead experts and the Co-founder himself, Shaun Nilsson! They’re going to break down exactly how to create your own online ad programs, designed to drive more buyers and sellers directly toward your business!

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3 Time-Proven Ways to Create High Quality Leads with LinkedIn

If you’ve been struggling with ideas on how to take your LinkedIn game up a notch, then this class is a must see! We’ll be joined by Viveka von Rosen who is internationally known as the “LinkedIn Expert.” She’s going to go over everything you’d need to know about LinkedIn to generate inbound lead traffic, increase your visibility and fill your sales funnel with higher quality leads!

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High Tech, High Touch Free Systems and Resources

Greg Mcdaniel is the master of using high tech, high touch systems and resources to generate buyer and seller leads like there’s no tomorrow! By honing in on what technology has to offer and marketing his business in a unique fashion, Greg has become a top real estate agent in his area!

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How to Get More Clients from Google This Year!

Google has made some very significant changes, and it has opened a unique opportunity for us in the real estate business!

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What Does 450 Closings A Year Look Like?

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kerby Skurat, will be joining us on class this week to share all of his industry secrets that have helped him produce one of the top teams in the country, resulting in 225 closed transactions so far this year and on track to close 450 by December! Best part is – he’s home by 5 PM every night and takes the weekends off!

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8 Pinterest Strategies for Your Real Estate Business

Join us for the next live Agent Mastermind class on Tuesday, June 14th at Noon EDT where we’ll dive into Pinterest and focus on 8 strategies that you can incorporate into your real estate business. Pinterest is one of the most valuable social media tools for real estate agents, and we will show you why on the next class! It can help you increase website traffic, help with search engine optimization (SEO) and deliver a great branding experience for your buyers and sellers.

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5 Key Steps to Take your Lead Management to the Next Level with Little Effort

Join us Next Tuesday March 28, 12 EST for the class. 5 Key Steps to Take your Lead Management to the Next Level with Little Effort  Register here

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